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Technical Cooperation

Since 2019, we have collaborated with Wuhan University of Engineering to develop major projects under the unveiling system; A research team was formed with Changjiang University to conduct a series of research and development on catalytic oxidation technology, successfully trial producing new initiators and catalysts, and applying for two invention patents;

We have successively signed a cooperative research and development contract with Professor Yu Faquan (second level) from the School of Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy, Wuhan University of Engineering, for the project of "Multiphase Microchannel Reaction Technology for Molecular Oxygen Catalytic Oxidation of 2-Nitro-4-Methylsulfonyltoluene" We have signed a collaborative research and development contract with Professor Zhu Lei from the Biomedical Materials Industry Technology Research Institute of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, Hubei University of Engineering for the "Research on the Preparation Technology of 2-Chloro-4-methylsulfonylbenzoic Acid Catalysts" project We signed a cooperative research and development contract with Professor Li Hao, the scientific research team of the School of Chemistry and Environment of Yangtze University, on the project of "Research and application of heterogeneous catalyst for p-toluenesulfonamide preparation by molecular oxygen selective oxidation".

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